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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Shariah-compliant funds by PMB Investment Berhad - best performing Islamic funds in Malaysia

I am an investment consultant for PMB Investment Berhad (an Islamic fund management company, with 50 years of business history since 1967).
I'm glad to inform that 7 out 14 PMB Investment's Shariah Compliant Funds have recorded increase in value by 11-22% in 5 months & 16 days since beginning of 2017 (i.e YTD as at 16 May 2017). Alhamdulillah!
If you're interested to invest, pls whatsapp me at +6019 234 8786 (Sanusi PMBI KL) & visit these web sites:
Upcoming Events on Islamic Finance, Wealth Management, Business, Management, Motivational Alfalah Consulting, KL-Malaysia:

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