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10 Tips For a Successful Job Interview

Ten tips that will help you overcome the nervousness, be prepared and have a successful job interview:
#1 – Research
Do your homework before going to an interview. Having as much knowledge as possible about the company you’re applying for can only be beneficial. Knowing the company’s culture and policies will in most cases impress your potential employer and possibly secure you a job.
#2 – Know Your CV
Know your CV back and forth. If you already got a job interview, this means your CV served you well so far. Now, take a moment and try to predict potential questions about your CV that you may get asked, and make sure you have confident answers to all of them.
#3 – Dress Accordingly
Always dress accordingly for your job interview. Your clothing should reflect your future role, as well as your personality. Don’t forget that overdressing can be almost as bad as underdressing. Furthermore, keep away from flashy and tacky clothes, or using too many accessories.
#4 – Relax
Relax yourself. Positive stress is good as long as it helps you perform at your peak. The idea is to appear confident and relaxed instead of being anxious. Get a good night’s sleep, have a lighter yet healthy breakfast and take a walk before the interview. After your name is called, take a few deep breaths and stretch a bit in order to relax your whole body.
#5 – Be Confident
Make sure you enter the room confidently. Firm (but not too strong) handshake and a smile go a long way. These are very simple yet effective techniques to show an impression of self-confidence. Interview manners are also quite important. Ask whether you can take a seat, and always remember to sit up straight without slouching. Bad interview manners are a definite turn off for most interviewers.
#6 – Ask Questions
Feel free to ask your interviewers a couple of questions. This will not only show that you are confident and not afraid to ask questions, but will also show your interest about the position and the company you’ve applied for. When asked about compensation, you don’t have to be straightforward. Instead you can say that you expect to receive similar remuneration as your peers who have comparable experience and qualifications.
#7 – Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses
Know your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you can give different examples that can support your strengths. Of course, these should be prepared before interview. When asked about your weaknesses, don’t be afraid to acknowledge them. No one is perfect, and everyone knows it. If you’re having difficulties describing your weaknesses, this is a sign that you lack self-awareness, which will not impress your potential employers.
#8 – Body Language
Body language is very important. Your posture, voice, the way you move your hands, as well as your facial expressions should always send the same message. Make sure you exhibit enthusiasm in your voice. Lack of enthusiasm is off putting for most interviewers. And finally, don’t forget to make enough eye contact with your potential employers.
#9 – Don’t Talk Bad About Your Former Employer
Try not to badmouth your former (or current) employer, no matter how bad your relationship was. Even if the person who is interviewing you asks you what you hated and disliked about your former boss, don’t take the bait. Rather than speaking about the things you hated about him, focus on the positive things and things you learned from your previous job and experience with your former employer.
#10 – Send a Thank You Note
After the interview is over, take the time to send a thank-you note. This will definitely impress your interviewers, and separate you from the competition. If you want to take it even further, send a real thank-you note (not electronic). Rarely anyone does this nowadays, and this is a sure way to make yourself stand out from the competition.
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