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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Eid Mubarak - 1 Shawwal 1434 Hijrah (8 August 2013)

EID MUBARAK : I would like to wish Eid Mubarak to all Muslims. In Malaysia, the Great Day of Eid is celebrated today 8 August 2013 (1 Shawwal 1434 Hijrah). 

This is the Day of Victory for the faithfuls. It's time for celebration but don't forget to follow through what we learn from the 'University of Ramadan'. Piousness and piety are not only for 1 month....it is a lifelong duty. 

It's also time for forgiveness and reconciliation. Therefore I seek forgiveness from everyone. 

"Taqaballahuminna wa minkum" (May Allah accept it from us and from you).
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