Monday, January 12, 2009

The First speaker in Actuarial Science and Risk Management Seminar (ASRiM2009) at Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)

(USIM Administration Building)

(receiving token of appreciation from Prof. Dr Jalani Sukaimi,
Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology)

(a section of the!)

(nice auditorium....excellent facilities)

Today, 12 January 2009 I delivered the first paper (as the first speaker) at the Actuarial Science and Risk Management (ASRiM) Seminar organised by Faculty of Science and Technology at Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM).

The theme of the seminar is "Actuarial Role in Islamic Finance". Some 300 participants from several universities and financial institutions attended the seminar. Nice to see such a big crowd.

The title of my paper is "Islamic Financial Planning and Wealth Management". After my presentation, Prof. Dr. Jeyaraj Vadiveloo from University of Connecticut, USA presented his paper on Integrated Financial Planning followed by a presentation by an actuarist.

Last 2 days (on the weekend) I taught Islamic Finance at University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)....9am -5pm for 2 days.

I just enjoy teaching and passing on "useful and beneficial knowledge" and keep on seeking new knowledge.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Genocide Goes On - Gaza Needs Your Help NOW!

The world must act now to stop the war of terror, impoverishment and humiliation waged by Israel against the people of Gaza.

Gaza need your voice now....Gaza need your help now!

When the world ask for ceasefire:

The Palestinians say YES, THANKS!
But the Israelis say NO, TANKS!

and the Israeli tanks rumble on and keep shooting at civilian targets like terrorists from hell.

Are you still wondering who are the real terrorists? and who sponsor these terrorists?

A little boy shot in the head
Just another kid sent out to get some bread
Not the first murder nor the last
Again and again a repetition of the past
Since the very first day same story
Young ones, old ones, some glory
How can it be, has the whole world turned blind?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I will be on air on Suara Islam (Voice of Islam)

I will be on air on Suara Islam (Voice of Islam) from January '09, appearing about 4 times a month to talk on Islamic economic system. Suara Islam (Voice of Islam) is a radio channel under Radio Television Malaysia.

I have appeared on television programs in Malaysia (RTM) and Brunei (RTB).
Upcoming Events on Islamic Finance, Wealth Management, Business, Management, Motivational Alfalah Consulting, KL-Malaysia:

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