Monday, September 22, 2008

A Perfect Oasis For Travellers

Today I travelled to Penang in the north of Malaysia (400 km from Kuala Lumpur) for a meeting. On the way back to Kuala Lumpur, I stopped at Tapah R&R (Rest & Rescue) on PLUS Highway, south-bound just after Ipoh City for iftar (breaking fast) and prayers.

What I would like to highlight is that the R&R is so nice with very beautiful landscaped garden...very 'cool' and comfortable prayer area (surau)...very clean 'garden-setting' toilets with cleaners standing by for slightest imperfection...lots of restaurants, shops and fruit stalls with reasonable prices...ample parking space with 2 petrol megastations and peaceful surrounding. Having travelled to many countries including making 12,000 miles journey by road across USA (covering most of the states )....Tapah R&R (south-bound) is exemplary and could be the best R&R in the world.

Congratulation PLUS....I think it deserves a rating of A Plus (A+) for this particular R&R. It proved once again that Malaysians can do it even better than so-called developed countries ...Malaysia Boleh! We have first-class expressway and first-class R&R, keep up good works but please don't push up the toll rate.

This is a perfect oasis for tired and hungry travellers.

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