Sunday, June 29, 2008

28 June 2008 - Talk on Islamic Financial Planning in Slim River, Perak

Today I delivered a talk on Islamic financial planning in a function organised by a NGO (non-govermental organization) with the support of Perak State government at Dewan Tan Sri Ghazali Jawi in Slim River.

I touched on:
  • the importance and need for Islamic financial planning particularly in facing the current inflationary situation due sharp increase in oil price
  • What are characteristics of Islamic financial planning
  • Islamic investment avenues
  • Other related issues
I wish I can upload the video clip of my talk.


Slim River is one of few places in Malaysia that still maintain the colonial name.... However I could not find the river perhaps it is too slim. Others have been "Malaysianized".

Slim River was a military strategic mid-point from North to South of Malaya during World War II. It was the site of a major battle during World War II between the Japanese and British forces which consisted of troops from India, Australia and Great Britain. The British lost the Battle of Slim River to the Japanese forces, who were equipped with tanks. The Japanese also had total air superiority. In their defeat at Slim River, the British suffered heavy casualties and many units were cut off from their line of retreat. The battle effectively ended British hopes of defending Malaya

Monday, June 02, 2008

Glossary of Islamic Financial Terms: The A-Z Guide

This video was produced by me personally (my very first attempt on YouTube in June 2008).....certainly not the best in the world because I was just learning how to do it...more to come insyaAllah. Please check out my youtube channels: and also
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